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Medolla Vineyards: History
Mount Vesuvius
Our family’s wine making can be traced to the base of Italy’s Mount Vesuvius - a region known for it’s rich soil. My grandparents were wine makers from the nearby town of Torre Del Greco which was well known for producing the "Piedi Rosso" or Red Foot grape. In the winter of 1913, my grandmother immigrated to America where she carried on the tradition of making fine wines. Upon her arrival in the United States she moved to the Red Hook/Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn in which many Italian immigrants from Southern Italy had settled.
Medolla Vineyards
Medolla Vineyards
Each year during the harvest many of the neighborhood people continued their tradition of making wine for family use. Once the season began the streets were full of grape crates - moscato grapes, seedless grapes and any other grape type that was available was used. Families took great pride in carrying on their wine making traditions from the old country. Many of these people shared equipment, barrels, presses and such so that those who wanted to could make their own wine. It seemed as though each family had their own unique methods and techniques. But the end result was - everyone made wine! Today, the Medolla family proudly produces award winning merlot on the North Fork of Long Island. Our goal is simple: produce the best possible wine from the finest grapes. Come and experience our tradition! Salute!